Alternative products to 500 Makers

19 alternative and related products to 500 Makers

500 Makers

An updated list of the Top 500 Makers on Product Hunt

19 Alternatives to 500 Makers

Your favorite makers, ranked 👩‍🎤

👩‍🎤 Maker Rank ranks your favorite indie makers and startup founders by 40,414,892 data points including:

- Product Hunt upvotes

- Crunchbase + /open revenue

- Team size

- Revenue per employee

- Twitter followers

...and more

P.S. This was 100% inspired by @thepatwalls

Also shout out to @stephsmith's

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The best blogs written by makers across the web.

Maker Blogs is simple website that lists and ranks blogs written by your favourite Makers.

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Dear Makers. Who's got personal blogs here? I love reading them. 😇 I'm creating a little list site and would love it if you could add yourselves 😄
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Find and follow amazing makers on Twitter in just two clicks

Maker Feed is a tool that lets you find and follow amazing makers on Twitter in just two clicks.

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This week's idea is stupid and simple..again 😂 I find it difficult to follow fellow makers and I am always too bored to go into Lists I am subscribed to to see what new is going on there The idea is to be able to follow fellow makers in our niche on Twitter easily
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The top products, hunter and makers.

This resources shows the top products, hunters and makers by the most upvotes. Updated daily.

Tejas Kinger
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
A simpler alternative to 500Hunters.
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Yvo Schaap
Only live to the public for 100 days, Product Hunt is already bolstering an impressive affluent user base. Launched initially as a 20-minute MVP by Ryan Hoover (ex-PlayHaven, Startup Edition) and further developed into an actual product together with Nathan Bashaw (General Assembly), its user engagement and traction show they are on to something.
8 Alternatives to Product Hunt Leaderboard

Discover underrated makers & send them ❤️

Makers of the year is a project that celebrates all makers from Product Hunt, in spite of the upvotes they received, the products they made, or their monthly revenue stats 📈

Send love to those who worked hard or were even underrated and deserved a lot more. Discover lots of awesome makers who make Product Hunt better, big and small 😻

5 Alternatives to Makers of the year

A widget that lets your visitors know you're featured on PH

ON|PH is a simple widget you add to your website to announce your visitors that you launched on Product Hunt. You can also use it to announce a discount code or a special offer to visitors coming from Product Hunt. If you have questions:

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Discover a new prolific maker each week 🛠🔦

Maker Spotlight is a website + newsletter that will feature a new maker each week. The goal of Maker Spotlight is to grow and inspire the maker community. Who deserves the spotlight this week?

🔦 Spotlight includes maker information, current projects, and what inspires them

1️⃣ New maker featured each week

🛠 See what they are currently working on

7 Alternatives to Maker Spotlight
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