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6 alternative and related products to 500 Brunches

500 Brunches

Meet like-minded people who share your interests over brunch

6 Alternatives to 500 Brunches

Meet and chat with like-minded people from around the world.

Despite everything, the modern world remains a lonely place, where it can be hard to find intelligent conversation and friendship. The School of Life app helps you track down people with whom to have deeper, more meaningful connections. We bring together like-minded people from around the world based on shared cultural and intellectual interests.

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Discover like-minded people (using machine learning) helps you discover like-minded people and the stuff (interests, music, photos, videos) they love.

Using a combination of psychometrics and machine learning we calculate a unique "Affinity Score" between you and and everyone else on the platform.

We then rank people by highest score and show how they're similar and different.

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Connect with people based on common interests

Tribyo helps you form your own tribes, you can discover, connect and interact with people with similar interests.

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Ability to collaborate in larger groups is one of the most important reasons for human progress and dominance on this planet.Throughout the human history, formation of human networks has been driven mostly by necessity and geographical reasons.For example, I am part of my friends and family, neighbourhood networks since they are around me(geographical), I am… See more
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