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5 Vegan
Calculate how much you've saved on a vegan lifestyle
A Vegan lifestyle saves animals, the environment & much more. Calculate how much you've saved. More and more people are turning to a vegan lifestyle not only for the health benefits but for environment 🌱💜
7 Alternatives to 5 Vegan

Impossible Burger is a delicious burger made entirely from plants for people who love meat. Every time you choose a quarter-pound Impossible Burger instead of a burger made from a cow, you can make a huge difference without compromising.

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Ars Technica
A beefy burger without the beef? That is the seemingly impossible promise of the Impossible Burger, a trendy plant-based burger that claims to "bleed," sear, and taste like the best of the best all-American whoppers-without the environmental impacts of beef production and ethical concerns of meat-eating.
The cook, complete with hair net, lays the red patty down on the grill and gives it a press with a spatula. And there, that unmistakable sizzle and smell. She flips the patty and gives it another press, lets it sit, presses it, and pulls it off the grill and onto a bun.
After being crowned by Burger King as the first meat replacement patty to roll out nationally with one of the largest fast food chains, Impossible Foods has raised $300 million in capital. The financing brings the company's total equity raise to $750 million - and provides a sizable poo...
Former Google and Dropbox executive Dennis Woodside has joined the meat replacement developer Impossible Foods as the company's first President. Woodside, who previously shepherded Dropbox through its initial public offering, is a longtime technology executive who is making his first foray in...
The Verge
Burger King will start selling its meatless Impossible Whopper in its more than 7,000 locations across the US starting on August 8th. The fake meat patty, which costs only a dollar more than the beef version, is supplied by Impossible Foods. It first rolled out in April in St. Louis restaurants.
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Kevin Guebert
Kevin Guebert
Find vegan and vegetarian options through the web or the accompanying apps - loads of options and restaurants in there. You can also add in restaurants that may not be in there currently and contribute back.
Milind Shah
Milind Shah
I am vegetarian. It is difficult to travel without food. Finding food is a big problem in countries where vegetarianism is either uncommon, nonexistent or not understood, or even due to language barriers. I use this app to find places worth going just for the meal to satisfy the tummy, mostly in Tokyo/Japan. I hope people can add more data about places aroun… See more
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Veggsocial helps ✈️ discover the best 🌆 cities and 🍽️ places for vegans and vegetarians while making new friends 🤗🐮😺🐷🐰🐶

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The first thing I did for the ProductHunt launch was to subscribed to the Ship Pro membership. The price was quite expensive especially for a solo indiemaker like me who just starting out. But luckily I got some discount from the YC Startup School 🙏 I was accepted into the program in August earlier this year.
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