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7 alternative and related products to 1up Events

1up Events
Corporate events as a service
7 Alternatives to 1up Events

Where influence meets impact

Kindred accelerates social movements through the power of popular culture.

We bring communities of influential creators, platforms, and purpose‐driven brands and organizations together to find real solutions that address society’s most pressing issues.

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A simple concise app for creating and sharing events.

EventsApp is a simple to use product that allows users to create and share events in a few clicks. The tool is completely free and integrates with users calendars to save shared events. Users dont need to sign up to create and share events.

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Engage your people through goal based events

Porpoise is saving managers over 6 weeks of time per year by automating the administration & reporting associated with employee engagement & social impact programs. We're looking to drive even more impact and savings with our latest feature, Events!

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Introducing our latest feature, Events! Managers can now organize and manage their events directly on Porpoise. With the introduction of events on Porpoise, managers will be able to create an even more engaging and purpose driven experience for their people.
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The new model for benefit concerts and special events.

CrowdMob helps fundraisers, promoters, artists, and venues determine the market value for their event before a single ticket is sold. This means more money goes to their cause and not to ticket scalpers and the secondary market.

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Sparq propels relationships by matching people and personal events to positively contribute to human life. Lowering barriers so that anyone can provide experiences, blurring the line between personal and professional. Showcasing an outstanding event page and capturing attention made amazingly easy. Boosted by flexibel & social cost sharing options.

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Steaks or hot dogs? A loft space with an amazing view or your backyard? Knowing how much money you can spend for your event is crucial. Otherwise it will be impossible to make these decisions wisely. So here's what it comes down to... you need a budget!
Getting your event funded is a great way to get rid of the financial burden and also to observe a direct response to your idea. You get to see first-hand what resonates with people and what doesn't. That being said, getting your event funded is not just a click of a button.
The 2nd Annual Benefit Gala at the German School of Brooklyn (GSB) was a huge success. The weather great, the food delicious and the spirits high, but most importantly the event generated essential funding for GSB's continued success. Contributions from Gala attendees are a crucial part of additional revenue that supports the continued growth and expansion o… See more
Let's face it. The gin tasting party is a great idea, and you know it. But with all the premium gin you'd need to buy plus food, your initial calculations put costs at around 300$. Considering the astronomical cost of your rent and the instability of your current gig, you know you can't put up that kind of money in good conscience.
Stell dir vor, du triffst Gleichgesinnte überall auf der Welt. Stell dir vor, du sammelst neue und außergewöhnliche Eindrücke auf einzigartigen Events direkt um die Ecke, egal wo du gerade bist. Stell dir vor, wie du in einer fremden Stadt oder einem fremden Land in das wahre Leben eintauchst.
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