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re:Charged is a better way to get tech news without algorithms, RSS feeds, advertising or clickbait. Join the slow web revolution and get the best briefing about what's new in technology every morning delivered right to your inbox. Join our community of smart people from across the industry having nuanced discussions.

10 Alternatives to re:Charged

What is your favorite tech newsletter and why?

Alex ShyeEng @ClincAI
The Hustle - Vice meets Fast Company
"This is by far my favorite tech newsletter (other than Product Hunt's) because it infuses current events, tech news, and awesome voice (it'… See more
Benedict Evans Newsletter - Great newsletter for tech, mobile, trends, data, and news
"Super concise newsletter with news, recommended articles and stats. I always read through his emails"
LAUNCH Ticker - The most efficient way to stay on top of tech news
"My marketing team loves it because it has a large breadth of coverage areas"

What's the best place to follow new artificial intelligence startups?

Lolita M TaubEnterprise Tech
Technically Sentient - An in-depth newsletter about AI, written by Rob May
"Covering Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Neurotechnology. Jason and his team have also launched several other newsletters focused on… See more
AI/ML Reads - Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning resource directory
"@nikvimal made an awesome directory of resources around artificial intelligence ✨"
Machine Learnings - Understand how A.I. will change your future.
"Sam DeBrule put together this newsletter which gives you all the best ML/AI reading from the past week. There is also a Medium publication … See more
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