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Get "This is a stupid idea because.... " - feedback for https://gliddi.com/ :)

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Already have these: - "no one needs yet another collaboration tool" - "share point already does this" - "confluence already does this" - "slack enterprise does this" - "teams already does this" - "sounds confusing" - "we use inhouse tools" - "we are happy with gotomeeting"
@zxed Not a stupid idea but just a bit of feedback on the site thus far: - Cut down on the text, there's quite a lot of it on your home page, almost overwhelmingly. Keep it simple; short, snappy text and titles so that users understand the benefits. - Given that there are collaboration tools that do this already (some for free), you may want to offer better pricing (e.g. first 10 users for free, then start charging $2 per additional user per month). - Also on pricing - doesn't seem like a drastic difference between the $2 and $4 plans; perhaps impose a limit on the $2 plan for say 10 teams and 50 channels. Allow your users to see the big differences between plans.
@nicostombros1 thanks! I've been looking for an example of a collaboration tool that takes on the sharepoint or knowledge base space (like twitch streams for dev - saved to youtube but private for enterprise/company) that follow a "first 10 users for free" model, but I havnt run into it., maybe my google keyword search isnt right - could you kindly point me to one? And yes, def want to slim down the text., it use to be bullet points but people said "i dont get it., its the same as slack and team viewer., how is this different"