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Would love some feedback on an upcoming product, is what it is/does clear enough?. https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/callyak-2

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@zxed I might use an example of an "expert" people might be familiar with (no offense!). This can help articulate the use case a bit better.
@rrhoover :) hmmmmm Gordon Ramsy? lol. Would it do better to use a more relatable expert + domain. i.e. " Social media advisor", or "sales trainer", or "public speaking"..
@rrhoover I went with Gordon Ramsy - hopefully the disclaimer stops anyone from coming after me 😉
@zxed I agree with @rrhoover or a "Like this but for this" type of statement. Are you thinking one off calls or can the teachers set up a time every week where more than one person can come and view the video stream? Just thinking that might be more profitable and easier to plan for the presenters.
@rrhoover @randibarry A tutor could, hypothetically setup single 1-1 bookable sessions, or a group 4-1 session. the 4 would see the 1 tutor, but the tutor sees all 4; it does come down to an hourly rate though. i.e. $80/hr for 1-1 or $20/seat/hr for 4-1. But its not just tutors. Maybe you need a financial advisor, that would be a 1-1 session. The best example I recently ran into and remembered was google help-outs. The idea here is that it leverages the social graph to get you not just "recommendations" but, also "who from your network/circle has used and recommended them". Is this an AngiesList for remote experts? kinda., but no, because it doesnt just review/list them, it also lets you setup the session....
@zxed LOVE IT very clever! I could use something like this for consultants on the business.
@randibarry perfect! Can you share what type of consultants you would use it for? Would you use them to learn how to do social marketing/seo better? Or would you hire them to do the actual work?
@zxed I think advice on moving forward when we are stuck. Someone like @tylerlastovich as a Generalist that can give an unbiased recommendation from an outside perspective.
@zxed @randibarry 👋🏻 I think this would work great targeted at short sessions of consulting with previous founders. I can’t count the number of medium articles I have read citing ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ type of problems. 1 hour with a founder who is in a similar market could save a startup serious money and time (even if it is $500/hr). SEO/social is such a competitive field it would be very hard to advertise your service. I suggest going more upmarket and focusing on specific niches such as AI, ML, legal, celebrities, etc.