Fredrik Zirath
Fredrik Zirath@zirath · Freelancing Art Director and Designer

Design and build an iOS app (without any programming experience).

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@zirath That's a big task! What's the idea?
@christopher_lee4 Agreed. Luckily the idea is simple. I've recently decided to do 100 pushups day (at least try to). I was looking through App Store but the available apps was either too complicated nor visually appealing. So I want to create a really simple counter and the possibility to track my progress onwards. It's definitely a "fun" project and there is absolutely no ROI in it. I guess it will be available as free download if I get through the development.
@zirath Sounds fun. That's a good goal, let me know when you do have it out I'd be interested to try. btw I just launched a service where for $12 you can ask 100 random people a question, and then follow-up and interview them based on how they answered. I know it's going to just be a fun side project but if you're looking to see if anyone else would like it/pay for it you could find out before building anything. If you try it out let me know, I'll give you 12 free credits so you can get the initial question free. Best of luck!
@christopher_lee4 That's a great idea! I would love to try it out. I got a few ideas on my mind that I would love to test. So simple, so powerful. Great work on Scoops. Site looks great as well.