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Review a product From Producthunt

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@zino_hamidi And which product did you chose?
@jovisjoseph thanks for your question sir, i want to review any digital product.
@jovisjoseph well i am A YouTuber so i always search for interesting topics and what people are looking for in the internet
@zino_hamidi Well in that case, if you're interested i do have a product which was released in productHunt a couple of months back 👉 https://www.producthunt.com/post... I dont know whether you review such products or not but just check it it, you will like it
@jovisjoseph i was trying to see the features of it but it has some technical issues, it won't send me the verification link to my email, consider looking up for this one
@zino_hamidi I'll look in to asap... Meanwhile can you make sure the mail didn't went to SPAM