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Finish first draft of landing page

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@willgeorgetaylor What is your landing page about ?
@willgeorgetaylor @sahinkevin Curious too - adding myself to the thread. :)
@sahinkevin hey Kevin, thanks for checking in. I'm building a SaaS application that lets you create PDF documents automatically from anywhere (forms on your website, CRMs, other tools etc.). Will post some shots and links once I've got that up!
@willgeorgetaylor You mean taking a screenshot of a web page and exporting it to PDF ?
@sahinkevin Similar! I am using HTML -> PDF, but the template is designed entirely by you and filled at the time of merging with your own data, creating a unique document. Think receipts, letters or tickets. Editor looks like this so far: https://imagebin.ca/v/4CGCqT2Z8mBW
@willgeorgetaylor We are all curious cats 😻