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Make pre-launch page for my succulent sticker pack 🌵

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@willfeldman3 Sounds juicy :L Do you have any links so we can see?
@joey_tawadrous I just bought a domain... I'll let you know when I finish making the site!
@willfeldman3 Do please because that sounds quite interesting! Why do you call it succulent btw? ;)
@joey_tawadrous The website is for informing people when I launch my iOS succulent sticker pack, which will feature emoticon succulents. :)
@willfeldman3 ha ha! very good Will, ping me when you're done and I'll download it... and offer some honest feedback :)
@joey_tawadrous It's done. You can view it here: http://succulents.me! Make sure to let me know what you think and share it :)
@willfeldman3 used http://tilda.cc/ for stickers landing page. Cheap and easy, looking good.
@vladkorobov Thanks for the info! I'll keep it in mind. You can check out my pre-launch page at http://succulents.me, if you are interested!
@willfeldman3 nice page but it is not clear what it is about.
@vladkorobov Thanks for the feedback. It is just to get added to the email list and you can earn rewards for sharing. The stickers will be released soon.