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User set location private (then how do other users find them?)

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@wigohunter What are you working on? 🤔
@satwaya hi there! I'm currently building a side project called Surphaze, basically a map version of LinkedIn where users can search for professional profiles on a map. I have a screenshot of what it looks like now :)
@wigohunter Really cool! Love it 👏 I was actually thinking about making something to handle your circles (not Google+ lol) but I dropped because it's not so fun to use it contrary to what your building (even if it's not the same thing) :) Keep me updated on your product, do you have a Twitter account to follow?
@satwaya Ay thanks! :) I actually followed you and Walk app on Twitter too haha it's @kevhs_pj on Twitter!
@kevhs_pj @wigohunter Thanks, following you back :)