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Design a portfolio website

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@weirdowizard Yaay! goal buddies. (I'm having a hard time completing this goal tho)
@weirdowizard @syswarren Me too. I think there are enough designers who want to revamp their portfolio to create its own Makers group xD
@weirdowizard @jennyshen Yes, we'll add more Spaces soon!
@syswarren Yayy! I've been thinking of doing so for quite a while now. I've a blog + portfolio on Behance & Dribbble. But it would be nice to have it all in one place with clear messaging.
@syswarren @weirdowizard ha this is my goal too. But I'm too lazy to even look at my website. This is my current one lol - https://harowitzblack.github.io/ Criticize it for eternity😂
@weirdowizard Do you have any pictures to share with us?
@weirdowizard @dimabraven Sorry mate, I don't have anything to show as of now. Been busy working on Product Disrupt 2.0.
@weirdowizard @dimabraven Well. Keep me updated if any news arises. BTW, I love Product Disrupt. Good luck with the new version!
@weirdowizard @dimabraven Sure thing, thanks mate :)