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Pick a new idea

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@w I assume you mean a new project idea to work on? If helpful, I wrote this blog post on how to come up with side project ideas a while back.
@rrhoover Thanks! Just realized comments could be added to tasks. Yeah, already have a few new ideas, just need to pick and critique one that I like
@w did you decide what to build?
@rrhoover Yes! Working on a tool for podcasters that automatically encodes and uploads a YouTube video of their episodes with the cover art. YouTube has some advantages over traditional podcast clients – for example great search and recommendation.
@w ah! Nice! This is really clever. I know some podcast hosts publish their audio podcast on iTunes/Breaker/etc. and YouTube. E.g. the Y Combinator podcast gets as many listens on YouTube as it does on audio-only channels.
@rrhoover Thanks! Yeah, it's an underrated channel. But it can take hours to render these types of video for longer podcasts, so hoping that this can lessen the hassle.