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Pick a name and domain name

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I have a really nice .fm domain in mind (actually very surprised it's not registered yet) but .fm's cost $70/year. Should I go for a not as good .com domain for cheaper, or just spend the $70 now and see how it goes? This is for an MVP
@w I am a huge fan of such fancy TLDs, but I always end of wasting them (wasted 2 such fancy domains) after the first year without a proper idea. I would recommend settling for the regular TLDs, dot-com being my all time favorite.
@w Good question.... I'm not really a fan of the custom TLDs. I worry that users don't realise they are domain names when they are not hyperlinked (ie: on posters or other physical media). It's obvious that is a web address, but doesn't really stand out as something you can type into a browser. I'd go cheaper .com