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Create new logo & brand colors

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@vsnthv Awesome! Why did you choose to change?
@satwaya I am moving from dark mode to light mode mainly. And a new logo. Will update the logo as Project image shortly. :)
@satwaya @vsnthv Interesting to move in the opposite directions of most companies today! Why are you switching to light mode? Also, I'm curious to know if your new graphic charter is related to some meaning (I mean colors, shapes..)? I don't know if people really care about these meaning when making the charter or not and if this has a real meaning 😅
@satwaya @vsnthv Yes, the new logo I have designed does have a meaning related the app. The inner dot represents the user and the outer ring represents the radius to which the user can connect with using the app.
@satwaya @vsnthv I may not be going in opposite direction as most companies. I have talked to people who prefer light mode than dark mode, so I have made dark mode as optional here.
@satwaya @vsnthv Oh ok I thought you totally dropped the dark mode.. The logo meaning is pretty cool and easy to understand, congrats!