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Aloha : First contact with support (write culture/support manifesto)

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@vpierrev how's progress going? when are you planning to launch?
@abadesi Hey! Thanks for asking. I'm so much head deep in this that i'm surprised people can be interested in how it's going. That's really sweet of you, thanks again 😃 We are now in close beta since september. We went through a rough patch the last two months on the technical side, my cofunder has a day job and it wasn't going well, so we ended up having many problems unsolved as he was drowning with work in and outside. I hope we'll enter the open beta soon, but we are specialized on the french market and sadly i don't know if PH is the right place to do an open beta launch as the majority of users are not from France. If you have suggestion, i'm taking it 😉
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@vpierrev Ah yes well perhaps you can share some links in the Paris Makers space as there are quite a few makers there! I'm glad you are still persevering despite the challenges. Bon courage 💪🏽
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