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Veronika Lindorenko@veronika_lindorenko · Marketing Manager, OneSoil

Find time to dive deeply into Mobile Analytics

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@veronika_lindorenko I would be interested to know what analytics provider you’ll use, I’m searching one too!
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@veronika_lindorenko @satwaya Yes I want to learn more about mobile analytics, too!
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@abadesi It's me or you're joining every conversation I start in Makers -again-? 😂jk
@satwaya Currently, we're using Firebase. We've linked it to Google Analytics. Set up events there and thus track conversions.
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@satwaya @abadesi I'm going to look through Google Mobile Analytics docs: and also try to find some courses on Futurelearn ( or Coursera ( Moreover, it's a good idea to visit meetups.
@veronika_lindorenko I'd really like to learn about mobile analytics. Goodluck!