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Ask women in tech to share their tech blog posts for the next issue of Code w/ Veni

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@venikunche Hey Veni, I don't know if you're part of the Women in Tech Space here on PH. But if you join, you could add this goal to the space so it's visible by more than 400 women working in tech. Might help reach your goal
@syswarren Thanks Julie! I thought I was posting this in the Women in Tech Space 😁. Where do you see it posted?
@venikunche Oh okay. My bad then. We haven't finished the goals editor in Spaces yet, so you still have to use the little icon on the right to select the space in which you want to post the goal. Otherwise, it's posted in general. Totally my fault there. Will work to improve the experience.
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@syswarren Oh no. I didn't mean to criticize you. I am still trying to figure out spaces. Thank you for mentioning the icon. I didn't see it before. I switched it to just show up in the Women In Tech space. Thank you for all your work!
@venikunche critic isn't negative 😉it helps improve.
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@venikunche It's supposed to work now. If you find another bug, let me know!
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