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Long-term: find more sponsors (ideally figure out a process for it)

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@uibreakfast can I help you with this? Jon and I are building Spots.fm to solve this problem. (You can read the full backstory here).
@mijustin Cool, let's see where it takes you! FYI, I've been involved with Sponsorama.com before they shut down. As a provider, I listed my podcast but never got any placements. As a sponsor, I sponsored a few indie things but with miniscule return. Must be terribly hard to solve that chicken-and-egg problem with marketplaces 😊
@uibreakfast yes. I was chatting with Sean McCabe, and he really encouraged me to start by just doing the matchmaking manually:
@mijustin Oh yeah! 😍 No software needed, I'd happily pay a commission fee if you (or an army of your assistants) find new sponsors for my podcast. Handling the payments is another thing, but secondary — sales pain is much stronger than the technical pain here.