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Honestly... why not... let's launch tonight?

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love the enthusiasm! @udayrsingh what are you launching?
@abadesi Well, let's see if we can get everything done, but working on a tool to help teachers provide personalized feedback for students in large classroom settings using natural language processing. Teachers give feedback to students on work collected from students, and we let teachers sort through their old feedback by identifying similar points they have made to write things like report cards, print outs for parent-teachers conference, or generalized feedback for each student in your class.
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@udayrsingh sounds like the kind of thing I wish existed when I was in school... what steps left to complete before launching?
@abadesi It always feels like the last 10% is the hardest, but we have to finish building out a landing page. I'm wondering if there's even time to make it mobile friendly, but, I think setting a hard goal to get it out to get feedback, would be awesome!
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@abadesi I think once @kwasimodope wraps some frontend formatting, we'll be a little closer. Hopefully we can launch at midnight, but never launched on ProductHunt before. Little bit nervous!
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