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Write beta invite emails / find beta testers

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@tweeteradel How do you plan to find beta testers?
@aaron_kazah No idea 😅It's my first real project. Probably just exhaust my contacts on Twitter, Slack, Telegram. Welcome any suggestions!
@aaron_kazah Also found a great article by @rrhoover detailing how they found beta testers and their first 2000 users
@rrhoover @tweeteradel That's a pretty good read. Is the product you're currently working on called Bitbibit or Labll?
@rrhoover @aaron_kazah I'm working on - nutrition labels for companies, to highlight all things social impact and ethics. (E.g, How diverse is Facebook? Does MAC test on animals? Is vegan leather eco-friendly? etc).
@tweeteradel Ahh I see, trying using, I used it for one my products and it got me about 200 beta testers