Tobias Frierson
Tobias Frierson@tobiasf916 · Product manager turned entrepreneur.

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@tobiasf916 Hey dude, love your title "product manager turned entrepreneur". What things are you working on.
@drew_dunn1 Hey Drew. I'm building an app that will help men select the best pictures for their dating app profiles.
@drew_dunn1 @tobiasf916 ha now that is cool. So have you done a lot of research on what is liked? A pic with family? A pic of hiking? ha. That is such a unique cool idea.
@drew_dunn1 @tobiasf916 Yes, I have done heaps of research in the area. What are you working on?
@drew_dunn1 @tobiasf916 Very cool. Looking forward to seeing some more. I have a couple things, finished a recipe app and now working on some plugins that I think would be cool. So have you launched on this thing before?