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[Learning] Experience Superhuman UX

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@tinnnei Are you talking about the email app?
@syswarren totally late reply but yes!
Did you give it a try @tinnnei? How was it? I've been hearing many good things about it!
@guillaumebardet Actually just tinkering it from my friend's laptop. Key takeaway is they introduced keyboard shortcut, making ur email workflow way smoother (they also made a game be.superhuman.com). They got serious user research going on. Also great onboarding. :)
@tinnnei I could see lots of positive reviews on twitter. Still in queue to get an invite. 😟
@sivaram636 Same here actually. I didn't get an invite myself, just looking at a friend using it ;) They do make good use of Twitter on user research and marketing strategy haha.
@tinnnei we got an invite actually, ux were great especially the ctrl + k thing 😍