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Review www.achieved.ai key messages

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@achievedai Hope everything is going great! Agree that testing key messages & landing page copy is important to conversion
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@whizzzoe all good! We overreached 1000 page views in less than a week and got almost 100 people on our waiting list for beta which equal to more than 500 beta users. We're super excited and are not doing a double down on development while trying to keep the visit rate on the website. What about your project? how is it going?
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@achievedai Sounds like a progress for Achieved! Happy to hear that :) I think it's a great strategy to grow beta list, see the conversion rates, while deciding to enter development of real product. I'm still building the music project thinking to move it into side projects since response isn't good or no real product-market-fit. Working on testing new idea till I can get enough traction to work on development.