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Work on IG branding strategy

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@tieujustin nice what are your goals, to grow your following? I'm in the process of outsourcing this for my company - there are so many good agencies and freelancers out there!
@abadesi Grow my following is definitely not a good plan right now. I've been doing that for the last several month for several accounts I have. I hit about 50k cumulative followers but no actual goal in mind in what I plan to do for each individual account. I'd like to build my own branding strategy to make people recognize each page as it's own brand and what direction I plan to bring the accounts to in the future.
@tieujustin sounds super interesting!
@tieujustin my friend recently published this which may be helpful
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@natashalytton @abadesi Looks interesting! I'll look into it some more later. I'll definitely share what I have once I'm done.
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