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Finish team page layout via Webflow

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@thomasmalone how are you liking webflow
@austinmeta I tried using it a few years ago but thought it had too many limitations for me to really sink time in to learning it and becoming an expert with it. Fast forward to today and the platform is amazingly robust. I 100% recommend it when creating MVP web app products and landing pages. It speeds up development as a designer because you can design right in code and deploy it shortly after.
@austinmeta @thomasmalone Yeah, the designer on our last project was really pushing to move towards webflow, but because we don't know the tech we didn't want to transition at this point. I did get a chance to check it out though and it seemed really cool.
@thomasmalone congrats on this 💯 I've been giving up on Webflow a few times in favor of something simpler but I am definitely going to figure it out soon!
Thanks @temirlan! It's a learning curve at first, but I definitely recommend the switch.