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David Huang@thisisdavidh · Building decrement.app

Finally set up my personal website

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@thisisdavidh Nice! Do you plan to build it from scratch, use a builder, or a template?
@nayamoss I think builders and templates are really useful for getting something started pretty quickly with minimal effort. However, I usually end up editing 99% of the styles when I use templates, so I personally don't like using templates. The most closest thing that I recommend that provides the ease of development of a template while still giving you some control over the design would be Bootstrap. I got a really basic version of my website up (https://davdhng.github.io) in about 1 hour building it from scratch (with Bootstrap).
@thisisdavidh Nice, I like Kitsch!
@thisisdavidh @nayamoss Well done on completing this goal. Your new site looks awesome!