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Get Revolut / Paysend card

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@thedevarsh I've heard nice things about Revolut cc @syswarren, not much about Paysend 🤔
@syswarren @amrith I just want to experiment with them for cross-border transactions. I saw Paysend other day on PH and found it quite interesting.
@thedevarsh I've been using Revolut for more than a year now, no complains, works great. Ordering a card takes minutes and costs 6 € or so (one time fee). 100% worth it. This is the first time I hear of Paysend though 😅
@thedevarsh I'd be curious to hear your feedback on Revolut after using it for some time! I am hoping they make it to the US soon.
@guillaumebardet I registered for their US beta. I am based in US.
@thedevarsh Awesome! I need to check it out, I haven't been keeping up with it much. Thank you for the heads up :)