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Consume almost zero amount of caffeine for 3rd week

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@thedevarsh I'm curious! How are you feeling? Why are you doing this?
@charleshancom save my income & sleep (I went cold turkey once it affected my sleep). I now use caffeine more as a tool than dependence.
@thedevarsh gotcha. This might sound weird but caffeine pills works wonders and they're cheap (I learned this when I was in university). My rule of thumb is no caffeine after 4pm.
@thedevarsh @charleshancom hi I might sound weird but I believe that coffee is really harmful for our health, caffeine just pushes your brain in the period of time but withdraws our energy soon after that, as drink a lot of coffee does not provide our body with water but it does the opposite to make us lack of water, the reason is caffeine will absorb water in cells and blood -> lead to poor blood circulation and withdraw water on brain also. and >73% of brain is water--> caffeine actually makes your brain work less efficiently. So do not need to force yourself to drink coffee if you do not really want it. oh god I am writing so long 😅😅😅
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