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Week #7 - stick to creating an enduring portfolio that outlasts me

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Thoughts on my portfolio for Week #6 can be found in the comment section here:
=> Last week markets were selling off due to Emerging Markets / China and most likely new tariffs that were announced by Trump Administration mid-week. => S&P 500 has partially recovered from it but emerging markets have not recovered much. => I increased my position in a US company that is to an extent still selling on a discount to not just its underlying assets but also publicly held assets it owns (that too in high quality businesses) => Auto-sector seems to be on turn-around. There is uncertainty around TSLA but my exposure to it is not significant anymore (which is great for psyche). => My portfolio has still not matched with my benchmark S&P 500 Total Return Index but that seems to be because my investing pace is high which will go down as asset base rise, since I neither have enough cash nor enough opportunities to invest. => I initiated a new position in cryptocurrency market because I believe it is good hedge if current geopolitical context experiences volatility or there is worldwide shift towards a financial system independent of governments or one that is not favorable for the US Dollar. I will be increasing position regularly until I reach a percent allocation I am comfortable with & maintain it in case prices fall more.