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Week #5 - stick to creating an enduring portfolio that outlasts me

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=> S&P 500 hit new highs last week and so did my portfolio. => My largest holdings are still trading at a discount to the value of their underlying assets but gap seems to be reducing. => I don’t have to change brokerage service since Robinhood expanded and now offers 250 global stocks with more coming soon. => New NAFTA regulations have seem to have extended the bull market. While regulations are favorable to my holdings and US, it makes my job to find high quality stocks trading at a discount quite difficult. => With access to more global stocks, I have begun looking for stocks outside US. => My time commitment to this project will reduce going forward due to my commitment with work and college activities. I hope to still properly grow and steward my portfolio. => If you’re curious about last week’s comments on this project you can access them here: