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Write some material for next open mic

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@thedevarsh Open mic meaning comedy? 😊
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@thedevarsh I'd love to see a recording if you can share! :)
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@rrhoover I am just a beginner. Have done only it two times before. Maybe someday I will record and also share.
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@thedevarsh It would actually be really cool to hear, and don't worry we completely understand that you're a beginner. What are some of the topics you are focusing on?
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@guillaumebardet accent / why I hate Starbucks & fast casual food industry / pricing / roommates are the main topics I’ve covered till date. Last time, I also introduced a NSFW bit concerning a specific dating related behavior, it worked but need to make it more tight.
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That sounds like it could be fun @thedevarsh. Let us know when you record something!