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Week #15 - stick to creating an enduring portfolio that outlasts me

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@thedevarsh some ideas for the "enduring" part : - use simple tech: HTML / CSS / JS - host on Github, then deploy on or github pages for free (nothing to pay = the portfolio can stay up no matter what) - automate: host all your project descriptions on github, make a script to parse them regularly (cron job activated every week) => automated portfolio content - minimalist design: this way it will never look outdated good luck!
@bsamel By ‘portfolio’ I mean an investment portfolio. However, I do have an online portfolio and appreciate your suggestions on how to make it enduring 🙂
@thedevarsh hooo my bad :) totally different
Some thoughts: => Portfolio is has a positive yield (for year-to-date) for the first week since it went under three weeks back. => Democrats have won the congress, Republicans have the senate in US. Its definitely going to be weird going forward for markets. => I have ordered some printed annual reports from some companies (it surprised me they were free). => Small positions have all suffered except for BTC (because of quarter three earnings report for the most part). => Bull markets seem to be back, I am still uncertain as to why. => Tariff concerns are still ongoing. => Most of the portfolio holdings are still trading at a discount to their fair value (imo). => Tomorrow is key for one of my largest holdings.