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Week #9 - stick to creating an enduring portfolio that outlasts me

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=>My portfolio is still under-performing my benchmark - S&P 500 Total Return Index. => However, my portfolio even with asset growth is able to maintain the yield, which is a good sign. => I am recently getting the feeling I am not investing more right now but my personal asset base can't just grow fast enough. => Portfolio holdings are still trading at a discount to the value of assets, this is mind-boggling especially in a bull market. I would like to attribute the phenomenon more to irrationality of the market than my skill. => Looking less at my portfolio is so much therapeutic. Credits to my school work which does not allow me enough time to pay attention to my portfolio. => "Most people’s biggest mistake is not understanding that the daily drama and useless bullshit that surrounds this game is simply someone’s attempt to get in your pocket. It’s a big-ass distraction, and none of it matters." - Mike Adamson (best tweet about investing in sometime). => I was planning to invest a company owned by my favorite investor / entrepreneur. Turns out, somehow I am still unable to invest unless I see an obvious discount but I don't have regrets so it is all cool.