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launch Cold Email Template - sharing a collection of email templates for cold emailing investors, press, partners...etc. as a potential traction tool

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@thebrandonwu that's a great site & service! It's also helpful for people who aren't at that stage yet to understand what they need to do - the emails have an x,y, and z tasks that need to be filled.
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@kevinguebert Thanks for checking it out! I haven't thought of the use case where it can serve as a target for people to work backwards from - good thinking! I am debating if I should keep adding more email templates, or spend time spreading the words about it. Do you think it needs more templates?
@thebrandonwu I don't necessarily think you need more email templates, but I would say that the images are throwing me off a little. Since a bunch of them have the same image, I think they are the same email template and skip over reading the title. In this case, I would maybe say the title of the email template is more important than having an image.
@kevinguebert That's a good point I hadn't considered. Initially the images are used to separate the different sources. Perhaps I can change it so the same image is used for the same type of audience, or take them off completely. Thanks for the feedback again!
@kevinguebert btw thanks for the upvote on PH! ;)