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Launch my new recipe app for iOS

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@tettoffensive i'm building a similar project. let's collaborate if you interested
@arthur_tkachenko Cool. is it something you're working on full-time? Can you tell me what the general vision is for your project?
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@tettoffensive full-time. my vision is to make creating recipe-like software more accessible(not just cheap). How your app is different?
@arthur_tkachenko So you are building a platform for others to build recipe-like software? interesting. My project is aimed at getting working professionals to cook weeknight dinners more often. Probably my biggest need would be backend development. I'm pretty strong on the product design and iOS development.
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@tettoffensive briefly yes and meal planning(your app functionality) is a big part of it. yes, backend is not a simple thing to do and require "custom" knowledge. Where you'll get a content?