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launch-ready by Tuesday

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Nice, that's always exciting @taskett! Are you launching on Tuesday or you might hold off a few extra days?
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@guillaumebardet Thanks! I go on vacation on Tuesday- so I'm hoping to have a "launch-ready" version that I can test with others for a couple of weeks and then do the actual launch when I return from my holiday. :)
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That's sounds like a nice plan @taskett! I hope you will enjoy your vacation and be ready to launch when you return! :)
@taskett Ooh, what are you launching?
@amrith a site to help travelers (specifically digital nomads) find roommates so they can share really cool houses with people they like :)
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@taskett good luck, in a couple of months going to Prague and looking for a room to stay, hope it will be launched by that
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@taskett Seeing as its Wednesday - hope you're enjoying your vacation and not working!