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I don't like that PH is using "Makers" -- it's already in use for years by the maker community. Find a new name

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@tara, what's your proposal?
@tara @lubo open to new ideas!
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@tara @rrhoover, to me, it's not the name that it matters at all. 🙂 It's the people who are in and the meaningful collaboration they inspire. Having said that, I quite like "makers" as a name. Needless to say, I'll provide a few ideas, if necessary.
@rrhoover @lubo I've been deep in the maker community for many years so my feelings are pretty strong on the subject. That's great that you have been inspired in this space - what collaborations have you seen that inspire you?
@tara, how are your feelings strong on the subject? What's your new name proposal? => That's a collaboration that inspires me. 😉
@tara I do not understand your point. 1) Makers IS a maker community and is all about the maker community. Why make things complicated by changing the name ? 2) PH has been a huge enabler of the maker community since its beginnings : "a place to discover new cool products [...] a place to share and talk about them with friends" quoting @rrhoover in this IH interview (https://www.indiehackers.com/pod...) => a place where Makers can finally advertise their products (if you are a maker, you know how crucial this is) and exchange about them. This is literraly the wikipedia definition of the maker culture ("Maker culture emphasizes learning-through-doing (active learning) in a social environment"). 3) The maker culture is a somewhat more fashionable revamp of the hacker culture. Its philosophy is nothing new. 4) The word Maker has been around since 1814 (src : https://www.etymonline.com/word/...). It was not coined by and doesn't not belong to the Maker community. Maybe you can elaborate because I fail to find a good reason for changing the name.
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@rrhoover @bsamel It's not about whether you call yourself a maker, DIYer, hacker or whatever you want to label yourself; it's that right now this is a space that people list down their task lists which may or may not be about designing, creating, making, etc. There is no context to the people or the things being made, how it's made or the process of design or some sort of inkling into the mad science -- which is what the maker community is about. Places like Instructables are more akin to that. Yes, I see there are 'spaces' and 'projects' but they aren't all open or have a lot of information tied to them to see how everything works together or how it may benefit me or why I should care. A long time ago I wrote some ideas about this idea of "Social Productivity" whereby sharing your activity lists with other people and getting kudos, it would make you more productive. There is a myriad of options that provide some of that - GitHub, Trello, Slack, etc. but I do think that PH could do a better job of it by connecting the tasks to the process to the outcome in a social and supportive way. PH Makers isn't there yet for me...perhaps it is for others that use it as their primary place to create goals and activities and that's great. But 'making' seems to be only one aspect of its usage and it's falling short for me. As for a name, I don't know what it should be because I haven't been able to see the purpose beyond an open task list.
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@rrhoover @bsamel @tara Hi Tara, Is there somewhere we could read your ideas on Social Productivity? I'd be really interested in reading it. i've just joined PH Makers and trying to figure out what it's useful for, I thought perhaps as a public platform for sharing our recently launched products goals and getting a bit of outsider feedback on what we're building might be useful but the 'goals' i've seen so far are quite random and don't all seem to point to PH projects..
@moombanic sorry just saw your reply. It was at least 10 years ago and I probably wrote it in a text file or a defunct wiki site. ;) I'll see if I can dig it up. And I agree with your assessment, I was assuming more of a collaborative space, not a reminders list.
@tara In the list of the most used English words, “make” is no. 52. How come you think a word as general as it is reserved for any particular brand/product?
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