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@tanveerchandok What are you working on?
@jamesstewart Hi James! We're gamifying social media at WonUpIt. We're a mobile-first platform where every day at 7 pm we launch one hashtag. That hashtag defines a lifestyle-based 'challenge'. Example: #OutfitOfTheDay, #FavoriteBeer, #FridayNightRager. Hashtags are live for 1, 3 or 7 days. Our users post a photo or 15-sec video to try to "one up" everyone else and win the hashtag. While the hashtag is live, you can give 1 Medal to your favorite response. Once the hashtag has expired, whoever has the most Medals wins that hashtag as a Trophy and it becomes a part of their profile. Hashtags are not repeated for a long time, so you get the social credit for winning and owning that hashtag. Next time the hashtag is live, everyone is trying to dethrone you by posting better content. No 'views', 'likes', 'follower count', etc. It's all about users and the content that they create. We're flipping the equation of social media by telling users what to post about (by releasing the hashtag challenges ourselves). This lowers the barrier of posting and gives 'reactors' (people who never post on social media apps), a nice way to become a part of the action (deciding who to give Medals to). All interactions are rewarded with points (ex: giving a Medal = +10, giving a Medal to someone who won the hashtag = +50). We just completed iOS Private Alpha and Android Public Beta testing. We're gearing up for a launch early next year (Feb/March). We've tested multiple versions of this 'challenge-based environment' over the last few years, and based on our user feedback and engagement, we've settled on this concept of a gamified social network. We have a lot more we want to work on, this is the starting point. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, happy to answer them! 😃
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@tanveerchandok Sounds great, good luck!
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@jamesstewart Thanks! Would this be a product you'd be interested in using?