taniazapata@taniazapata · Co-founder & CEO at Akily.co

Launch the private beta of the Akily app

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@taniazapata good luck. Will be happy to volunteer to test your private beta version in case you looking for people
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@prashantbuddy Thank you Prashant, I'll ping you once we are live.
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@taniazapata Just checked your website, I don't have kids but I think it's a great idea.
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@anthilemoon Thank you so much for the support Anne!
@satwaya Thanks Joshua!
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@taniazapata I would love to try it, for myself as I don't have any children, can I or is it awkward? 😂
@satwaya :D Do you have nephews or nieces that you care for from time to time?
@satwaya Bummer, you can recommend it to people that have kids!
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