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Find a new office πŸ”‘

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I feel like it's time for me to have an actual office so I can have a clear separation between work and home/not work.
@syswarren This is something @ems_hodge and I were discussing the other day, what kind of place were you thinking about? There are more and more co-working spaces cropping up, the app Croissant is cool have you checked it out? πŸ₯
@ems_hodge @abadesi Checked Croissant but it's not available in France... which is weird because croissants, duh!
Have you seen how some of the bigger chains let you do a membership where you can use any of their buildings up to X hours / month? Usually for less than 200 euros. I think it's a good way to transition from fully WFH to eventual office. I like the idea of having offices all around a city depending on who I'm meeting in the afternoon / what fitness studio I'm visiting 😎
@syswarren Not sure where in France you are based, but I know the Schoolab is a nice coworking space in the 2nd arrondissement. Sqreen (YC18) and a few other companies are there as well.
@fanahova It's not far! I'll check with them, they aren't very clear about their coworking offer on their website
@syswarren I'm going to send Constant from Sqreen an email and see if he can help with that. I'll keep you posted!
@syswarren He said they have the building right next to it, not in it. He'd be happy to meet with you if you want though, I can intro you, they just got out of YC and have a lot of interest around. Let me know :)