Julie Chabin
Julie Chabin@syswarren · Head of Product Design at Product Hunt

👩🏻‍💻Design a way for Makers to assign goals to "projects"

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@syswarren Have you got something in mind?
@syswarren Why don't you design something like... * Allow users to create a project using a create a project button * And for each project let the users add goals using the "add a goal to the project" button and all the goals associated with the project will be displayed under that project item. Hope this contributes to your ideas in some way lol.
@harowitzblack I've been planning all this for months so I've got some ideas on how to do it but I'm always open to suggestions and feedback! I'll share mockups when we're ready with the team.
@syswarren Can't wait for the feature to come out then😁!
@harowitzblack @syswarren This has actually been something I have mentioned before I think. Great to see it is in the works!
@harowitzblack @jamesstewart Yes, you have! I'm glad when what we have in mind fits what people want. Honestly, without all your feedback, ideas and support, building all this wouldn't have the same value. Thank you always for helping us build a good product.
@syswarren Looking forward to this!
@syswarren Oooooh I LOVE this!! Was looking at my list and 'learn to play the piano' type of goals are going to take at least a year or 5 or 10 😂😅 breaking it down into cords, lessons, or songs would be perfect and it's very enjoyable to check things off the list :)