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👩🏻‍💻Manage 3 first interviews for Relay (failed)

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@syswarren Is it interviews on the designer position?
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@nikolay_siabrenko It's a side-project I'm launching soon (hopefully) The idea is to create a “relay” where a first person interviews someone (either because they look up to that person, or they are interested in their career/hobbies and want to learn more)... and the person who is interviewed agree to interview someone else in turn. I have the first relay ongoing with a junior designer asking questions to a (very much) more experienced designer. I'm looking for others now.
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@syswarren After this interview, an experienced designer will have to interview with someone else, right? Is it will be video or text interview? Will the list of whom I can interview or should I find people myself?
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@nikolay_siabrenko 1) Yes, after being interviewed, we ask them to interview someone in turn. 2) It'll be text based, it's easier because of the format and also, it's less pressure for interviewers. 3) You can suggest anyone you want to interview, as long as you provide a way to contact them. Then my job is to convince them to participate.
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@syswarren Interesting idea, it's can be a new experience from idols. I'd like to have an interview with @maisiewilliams about her co-founder career :)
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@syswarren This sounds fun! When are you planning on launching this? After you have X number of interviews?
@syswarren Also, do you have an Upcoming page I can share?