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👩🏻‍💻Create waiting page for Relay.af

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@syswarren ooh! nice domain 👀
@syswarren really as f*ck😂
@syswarren ooo excited to see it when it's done, dude!
@syswarren is this related to Kaaris-Booba fight at Orly? 😂 jk What is Relay about?
@satwaya lol, no it's not. Soooo, relay is a small side-project I'm working on. Basically the idea is to create a “relay” where a first person interviews someone (either because they look up to that person, or they are interested in their career/hobbies and want to learn more)... and the person who is interviewed agree to interview someone else in turn. What do you think?
@syswarren Are you this kind of teacher who play this kind of “game” (that’s torture) at the beginning of the year and everyone hate? 😂 The idea is pretty good, so it’s kinda viral loop?
@satwaya OMG Joshua! Ain't no teacher. And yes, it'd be a viral loop I guess but what I find interesting is that there is always someone we're curious about and we have specific questions for them (that journalists might not have)
@syswarren You got the idea (you never faced this torture in front of your classmates when you were at school? 🤔) What kind of questions/topics we can ask, and when do we have the relay in our hands to do so? I don’t totally get the idea without seeing how the execution will be (I’m curious 😅)
@satwaya It's going to be tech focused so questions can be about workflow, career, books to read, hardships... whatever you can think of. As for getting the relay, on the landing / waiting page, I'm gonna have a form for people how are willing to play the game and who they want to interview. It'll probably take some time before launching the first interviews.