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💬Practice Spanish

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@syswarren Is it easier for you because of French?
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@dqmonn1 We will find out soon enough!
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@syswarren how are you planning on doing this? I'd love to pick up on my Spanish again but haven't quite figured out how to do it alongside all of my other commitments...
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@claudineadeyemi I was thinking about practicing with Duolingo and maybe join a class?
@syswarren Sounds like a good plan. I came across a class a while ago which sounded cool because on top of the classroom learning, they had experience lessons too i.e. a cooking class or going out to play ping pong. My issue is time. Even with the self-learning, difficult to find sufficient time every week to make it effective learning. Will probably have to keep it on the shelf for now. Look forward to following your progress though!
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@syswarren ✋ puedes practicar conmigo
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@syswarren can I send you the latest (unreleased) beta version of Learnji app 😄