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🏡Clean my wardrobe and donate clothes

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@syswarren I am copying your goal - I need to do this too now the weather is getting warmer 🌞
@syswarren @abadesi same here and get rid of most of my pre-gym-era clothes
@abadesi @ayrton If you have any advice, I tend to get very sentimental about my stuff and have a hard time getting rid of them. (Do I sound like a future old crazy cat lady hoarder?)
@abadesi @ayrton @syswarren I usually get rid of anything I haven't worn in the past month and don't intend to wear in the next 2 months
@ayrton @syswarren I like @nhuebecker approach, if its not been touched in last 12 months, bin it. Photos will be the memory. That said, LOADS of things I threw away end of the 90s are now back in fashion and I'm kinda sad I don't have my originals.
@abadesi Cool! Out of interest, are goals like this fine or is it meant to be product-related goals only? Thanks :D
@syswarren I honestly do this every 3 months or so and still have way to many clothes
@syswarren I found this blog to be quite useful when getting rid of my excessive stuff last year: https://www.theminimalists.com/2... . Hope you find this useful too!