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launch page + customer discovery survey + hustle for ultraniche jobsearch app

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@sugardayfox There is a cool Estonian team building an app called MeetFrank for recruitment, just thought it might inspire some ideas for you :)
@avery_schrader Thanks a bunch Avery, will definitely check the project. Yet I'm trying to build the other side - I could call it the North Face of a recruitment app. Where a specific profession's specific level individual searching for jobs will be the user/client/everything. Think of my stuff more from the engineering as marketing point of view than the Uber for recruiting...
@avery_schrader Oh, MeetFrank looks pretty impressive
@avery_schrader @sugardayfox it's super cool. I have heard that the Founder @kaarel_holm is dead set on changing the recruitment industry, not just building a tool. Which I think is pretty inspiring. GL and feel free to send me something when you launch :)
Instead of a full out hustle round, I decided to only reach out to the relevant part of my immediate network only.