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Release my UWP app.

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@strabz what does UWP stand for?
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@rrhoover Universal Windows Platform. :)
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@strabz What are you working on?
@itsnblackburn It is a simple Markdown editor.
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@strabz Ah neat, does it tackle a problem that other editors were not able to solve for you?.
@itsnblackburn yes. It simple. Which what I wanted. Not much configuration. I already use it. But want to make it available to all. I still have two major thing to do, multiple doc support (which in UWP terms means allow multiple instance of the app), and build a simple landing page.
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@strabz Cool, well i hope it goes well for you.
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@strabz When are you planning to release?
@abadesi I'm aiming for end of October.