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Learn how to make Android Apps (for @tryflip)

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@williamsthing That's a good initiative! What's Flip? :) Also, do you want to make it Android-only or both iOS & Android? If it's the second case, I recommend you get your hands on React Native or Ionic Native. If Android only then let's get your hands on with Android Studio and learn Java
@satwaya At the moment flip (check the front-page!!) is an iOS app that lets you create and share looping videos! I've had tons of requests to make an Android app, and I used to code in Java when I first started programming, but I'l look into React Native. Thanks for your help!
@williamsthing Oh my bad, I haven't made the relation.. Cool! Let's keep us updated with your choice :)
@williamsthing Is there a specific app you want to build?
@abadesi Yeah, an Android version of my iOS app (@tryflip)
@tryflip @williamsthing Lol I misread the first time - how is the process going so far?
@tryflip @abadesi Haha, I haven't really started yet. Working on the iOS app mainly, but this is a goal I want to achieve one day.